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The Day of Atonement: Is it Still Relevant? September 29, 2009

Posted by Henry in Teaching Things They Ought Not.

Recently Paula White has been promoting the Day of the Atonement which fell on the 28 September 2009 under the banner “Don’t miss your moment”. As a New Testament believer however, is the Day of Atonement still relevant to us? In the advert Paula White alleges that this day is God’s “Holiest Day of the year” and that if we are to “receive” from God (the 8 blessings of the Atonement) “we” must send her our “best Atonement Offering” of $70 or more. It is interesting to note here that in previous years Paula White promised 7 blessings of the Atonement but this year it would seem Paula would have us believe that God has increased the number of blessings for this years’ Day of Atonement. Aside from the fact that any well-discerning individual would see through this scam I want to look at the actual issue of whether the Day of Atonement is still relevant and that the church should observe it.


Under the Old Covennant God commanded certain rituals be performed by the Israelites which were meant to atone for their sins. These rituals are set out in the chapter of Leviticus 16. These rituals involved the use of blood sacrifices and the action of laying the sins of the people on to a live goat which would then be set free in the wilderness. The priests (Aaron) were also to sprinkle the blood of the sin offering of atonements unto a special altar and this was to be done once a year to make atonement for Israel (Lev 30:10). It is for us to understand however that these things were meant to foreshadow the things that were to come under the New Covenant (Heb 10:1). Under the New Covenant for example, we are no longer required to offer blood sacrifices to God on an altar and we do not follow the priesthood of the Levites but instead the priesthood of Christ. Under this Priesthood burnt offerings are not required.


Under the New Covenant the redemptive work of the Cross negates the ritualistic practices under the Old Covenant. Scripture tells us in Heb 8:6-7 that Christ is the mediator of a better covenant and that if the first was faultless then there would not be a need for a second. Verse 13 of the said passage also tells us that God made a new covenant and that the old decays and vanishes away as a result. The key point we need to remember here however is that Jesus made atonement for us “once for all” (Heb 9:12, 10:10). Unless we are Jews therefore who have not recognised the redemptive work of Christ, the Messiah and Risen Saviour, we do not need to observe the Day of Atonement any longer. Scripture makes this very clear.


Why should Paula White and others like her (Steve Munsey comes to mind) insist upon honouring the Day of Atonement? To attempt to return to observe the ordinances of the Old Covenant is to deny Christ and the work of the Cross making it of no effect. This is a deception and a heresy, which helps to bring about confusion in the church even if this was not her intention. Paula White needs to repent of this heresy and return back to the truth of scriptures which are clearly spelled out.



1. Ruth - September 30, 2009

I think this article is very truth and show the clear decpetion that is spread acroos church. I pray God will open people’s eyes.

Henry - September 30, 2009

Hi Ruth,

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. Indeed the deception is very great and we need to do what we can to help to open people’s eyes to the truth.

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