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The Coming One World Government – Part 2 March 15, 2010

Posted by Henry in Eschatology & End Times.
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The world is governed by different forces than imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. (Benjamin Disraeli)

 There are many organisations and secret societies today which play a role in advancing the cause for a one world government. These organisations are many and varied although many of them do interrelate and these organisations have been working behind the scenes for decades and even centuries to establish the New World Order. The NWO as I explained in Part 1 is basically a system or ideology of bringing about a one world state in which there will be a one world government, one world religion and a single currency.

 The European Union for example is a pre-cursor to this one world government. Federalism in Europe has seen the merging of many formerly independent states into a United States of Europe. First it started out with the idea of a European Free Trade Area (or the EEC) which was meant to reduce trade barriers amongst member states and increase world output to counter the USA (and NAFTA). But we have seen the idea of the EU moving from simply a free trade area to a “united state” with it’s own central bank, a parliament, court and a single currency. At the moment it only has a rotating presidency but in time it will have a single individual as its president and figure-head. Europe is also rapidly expanding towards Asia, the Mediterranean and Northern Africa as well and this can be ascertained by looking at future plans on the EU’s website. It is interesting to note that the EU’s website is officially called Europa, which is somewhat prophetic to say the least. Europa in ancient Greek mythology is a woman who is depicted riding a bull (beast), which incidentally was the god Zeus in disguise and who had abducted her. This same depiction of Europa is currently being used as a symbol in the form of a statue in front of the EU headquarters in Strasbourg. This symbol is also being used on the Greek 2 Euro coins. The parallels in John’s vision of a woman riding a beast in the Book of Revelations, is quite evident here.

 These developments in Europe are not unique to Europe however as the world is currently divided up into namely four regions or trading blocs. There is also the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), which has in recent times been expanded into a Free Trade Area of the Americas. This expansion was designed to incorporate countries from Latin America and the Caribbean (CARICOM countries) although it should be noted that some Latin American countries including Cuba were opposed to signing up. Another trading bloc is the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and there is also the Free Trade Area of Africa which is gradually gaining momentum and these are namely the four trading regions in the world today. Due to the rapid rate at which the forces of “globalisation” is overtaking the globe, it is the belief that individual nations can no longer stand independently on their own otherwise they will lose out economically. Gone are the days of closed economies with their protectionist regimes and in with the open economies with their trade and financial liberalisation. It is the belief especially supported by organisations like the IMF and the World Bank that this is necessarily if countries are to benefit economically. However, in the pursuit of economic growth and stability countries are sacrificing their independence and sovereignty as they become more interdependent. But this is hailed by positive globalists as necessary for the overall good of mankind. These major trading blocs will therefore eventually morph into a single world state.

 Today words like the “free world”, international community, global village are bandied about by world leaders and academics and these words characterises the shape of things to come. The world is truly transforming into a one world state and it is only a matter of time before this is realised. Already there are organisations dedicated to establishing a World Parliament (1). There is even a website featuring an online form asking people to vote for a world parliament (2) and that website features, interestingly enough the UN’s logo. This is not surprising however as the UN has been a precursor for a united world from the inception of the League of Nations. The UN’s Declaration on Human Rights of 1948 for example have far reaching scope and effect and exerts itself over all human beings on the planet. This in effect is a form of global Constitution not too dissimilar to the United States’ First Amendment. Yet in spite of the virtues that that the First Amendment seems to extol, are Americans actually “free”? That is a question that the reader should no doubt meditate upon in his or her own quiet time. The idea of World Citizenship (3) and a World Passport (4) is not something that should be beyond our imaginations because such measures have already been proposed and are being proposed as I write. In actual fact, most of the infrastructure to advance the one world government is already in place. For example we already have the International Courts of Justice, the International Criminal Court, International Courts of Human Rights, International Courts of Law, International Police (Interpol), United Nations Army (and NATO), the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, World Health Organisation, World Wildlife Foundation, World Tourism Organisation, World Environment Agency, etc. etc.

 One of the “ingredients” that is not yet in place however is a single global currency. However, it is only a matter of time before this is implemented because already there are major players who are and have been proposing a move towards a world single currency. For example, the Bank of International Settlements, which is regarded as the World’s central bank, have proposed a reduction of the world’s currencies to four in the past but in more recent times they have been proposing a move to a world single currency. In more recent times we have also had the UN calling for a global currency (5) and the pretext for this has been the recent global credit crunch and consequent recession. The IMF however for a while now has been calling for a one world currency in it’s article entitled, “One World, One Currency: Destination or Delusion?”(6). One needs to be clear that all of this have prophetic significance in relation to the mark of the beast although I would not speculate as to what this will be, yet it’s implication for buying and selling is very clear. In all probability the one world currency might eventually be electronic money as the world is also moving towards a cashless society at quite a relatively rapid pace. In fact we can see evidence of this in Iceland and even in Singapore where proposals have been drawn up to move towards a cashless society. In Greece in recent times, a ban on cash transactions above a certain limit has come into effect. Again in Britain proposals have been drawn up to get rid of cheques. Everything therefore points to chip and pin and eventually imbedded micro-chips.

 In conjunction with a unified globe there also has to be a representative as “head of state” as we have seen in Europe. Such a head of state will be akin to a “world president”. Again this idea might sound quite preposterous to many people but that idea has been with us certainly since the production of the 1960’s animated series of “Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons”. In that cartoon the world was unified and headed by a world president. In more recent times however people like Bill Clinton has been touted as a future world president and even since Barack Obama has ascended to the throne, he is being hailed as the “world president” (7). Evidently after the establishment of a World Parliament then the next step naturally will be a world president. Again in recent times we have had none other than the Pope calling for a “World Political Authority”(8) to perhaps replace the UN and the pretext for this is to empower such an organisation to prevent such economic crises as we have seen in recent times. The prophetic implications of this suggestion by a religious figure of the Pope’s stature however should not be in any doubt.

 In line with the European super-state we know that it’s capital is in Strasbourg. But what if the world was to become one state, where would it’s capital be? We know that during Jesus’ millennium reign, His “capital” as it were will be in Jerusalem. Consequently wouldn’t the anti-christ, who seeks to usurp Christ and pass himself off as the true Christ also choose Jerusalem as his capital too? Indeed in our day Jerusalem is already being touted as a future world capital by the likes of Shimon Peres, under the stewardship of none other than the UN (9). This supposedly is so as to get around the problem of competing claims to the city by Arabs and Israelis.

  The final implication of the anti-christ system of the beast which I will address here is that of a united one world religion. In 2 Thess 2:3 we learn that the man of sin (the anti-christ) cannot come until there is a falling away (into religious apostasy) first. However we can already witness this falling away in the form of ecumenism. Ecumenism refers to greater unity or corporation amongst the worlds religions and means that a Buddhist monk can enter a Christian church to offer a blessing and vice versa. Ecumenism is also evidenced by having a chaplain for all religions in airports, universities, fire-brigades etc. How can you have a single chaplain to support all religions? Traditionally a chaplin was a Christian figure who provides support to Christians only, so how can you have a Chaplin that will provide support to all religions, along with Christianity? On a more global level however ecumenism is on the rise. This is evidenced by organisations like the United Religious Initiative (10), which is an ecumenical organisation that is dubbed the “spiritual arm” of the United Nations. This organisation interestingly enough was founded by a Bishop of the Episcopalian Church, by name of William Swing, who saw this vision of people of all religions working together for the common good of mankind. The World Parliament of Religions is another effort which see people of literally all faiths of the world coming together in celebration and ceremony (11). There is also the World Council of Religious Leaders which works with the UN to establish peace across nations (12). This type of partnership however is an affront to the gospel of Jesus Christ for what part does light have with darkness? Did the scriptures not say, “Come ye out from among them and be ye separate sayeth the Lord.” It is interesting to note also that the Vatican and the World Council of Churches are no strangers to courting and promoting the apostasy of ecumenism as well.

 In this two part article I have merely skimmed the surface of many of the issues affecting our world today and how they point to the coming one world government of none other than the anti-christ. These pointers, although not meant to be exhaustive should point the reader to further research but also should leave the reader in no doubt of the global direction our world is shaping up towards. Prophecy can be seen to be fulfilling and we do not know when all these things will culminate into the rise of the anti-christ but with the signs explored here we know it can’t be that far off. How can we then prepare for these things if indeed we will be alive here to witness them? The only thing we can do is seek salvation in Christ Jesus because He is our only hope.

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