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1. Sandra - January 13, 2013

Am I allowed to post your articles ?

2. Henry - January 14, 2013

Hi Sandra,
Yes you may re-post them as long as you credit the source and also make no alterations. If you repost you could put a track back if you wish. What’s the name of your site?

3. Michael Riemer - June 16, 2019

I don’t know if this is still an active site, but here goes.

I have written a book on tithing, I believe you will find right up your alley. It’s about 39,000 words, so it is not a large book. It covers the subject very well. It is titled:

The Tithes from Our Ground
Is Tithing Required?
A Study of Christian Giving

If you would like to take a look or do a review, I will be happy to attach a copy of the manuscript to an email.

Here is the Preface

“For years I believed and taught that a Christian should tithe his income. I do not recall how long after my conversion to the faith, when I first heard that teaching being expounded across the pulpit. Nevertheless, sometime during the second or third year after my conversion, I started to tithe. After I was paid and cashed my check, I would deposit the money in the bank, then, the first check I would write would usually be to the church for 10% of what I received. This check would be for the amount after the taxes were taken off. I recall one time asking someone how I should tithe, if it should be from the net or gross amount of my paycheck. He replied, “Do you want net blessings or do you want gross blessings?”

As I relate in this book, for various reasons I was not always faithful in paying my tithe, but still believed it was necessary for a Christian to do.

For a number of years, I was the adult Sunday school teacher in our church. In May of 2010, I decided to teach on Christian giving, and of course, that meant tithing. But before I went ahead and taught that lesson, I did what I have not always done, but now do, I did not just rely upon the information, the tracts and booklets I used in the past, but reread the scriptures and took a look at the writings of those who had a divergent opinion. I wondered why someone would not teach tithing, for the doctrine is so clearly taught within the Scriptures (or so I thought). What possible reason could there be for their denial of that bedrock principle of Christian stewardship?

This book is the result of the study and research I did. I was truly amazed at how different the teaching of most churches are concerning the tithe, and what is taught in the Scripture. I was converted after I did what those in Berea did; “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11). When I did that, I became free from the law, that law that Christ came to set us free from. God has blessed my obedience to His word, and now I am able to give more to Him and those around than ever before.”

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