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Many may wonder why I chose the name “Spirit of Discernment” for this blog and might ask, “Is he claiming to have some “special spirit” (or a sixth sense) to discern more than anyone else?” Let me therefore make it clear here that I claim to have no such special spiritual gift to discern. The word discern can mean to “distinguish” or “discover”. By the use of the word “spirit” I use it in a similar way to the context of “team spirit” – therefore an attitude or an approach to discernment – an attitude which I would like others to share in. It is a statement of intent and willingness to attempt to distinguish or discover truth from falsehood. I desire to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11, to search the scriptures (daily if needs be) to see if the doctrine I have received were so (i.e., supported by scripture). “Spirit of Discernment” is not about me and what I know but rather it is a “call to arms” to all believers to be like the Bereans and study the scriptures – discovering, distinguising, accepting what is correct and rejecting what proves to be error. This is a necessary trait in a Christian so that we are not tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine and since we cannot attain to Christ if we have been deceived into accepting false doctrines.

I do not declare that I know all truth already. The truth is many times I am challenged with certain areas of scripture to the point where you are asking, “Does scripture contradict itself then?” Of course as a Christian we must necessarily believe that the word of God is infallible and contains no contradictions and if that is the case then we must seek to reconcile the seemingly offending point. How I achieve this is by reading the works of others which brings new insight or refer to other scriptures that I might not yet have considered thus helping to resolve any perceived contradictions.

As I write therefore I expect others who read to study the scriptures for themselves to see if the things I write are in accordance with scriptures. I expect to be challenged and where I err I will hold my hand up and repent! It is not about me but about Christ and the truth of His word. So let us together discern the truth.

God Bless!



1. AK - July 30, 2013

The Tithing article about bringing ‘the whole tithe into the storehouse’ is simple, yet profound and is in line with the teaching I’ve been blessed to be under. God bless you.

Henry - August 7, 2013

Thanks for stopping by. Good to see you understand the topic and the point I put forward. Many however don’t get and it appears they don’t even want to get it.

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