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The trial of Pastor Jones January 5, 2012

Posted by Henry in Tithing.
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I came across the following mock trial of a pastor who taught tithing in error to his church for years (although I must confess that I had seen it several years before). I find it very insightful as it addresses all the issues surrounding the legalistic approach to tithing in the church today. There is one thing that really stuck out for me however and it is the following quote from the judge’s response:

 “If your church can not survive on freewill offerings maybe God is not part of your church at all.”

What a profound statement.

The article can be view here: http://www.tithing.christian-things.com/jones.html



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2. Boyd - January 5, 2012

Did enjoy – and posted on my FaceBook page (View from San Angelo).

3. Robert Scott - January 6, 2012

very interesting, thank you

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